37℃ Beauty Serum Candle

A beauty serum melted over a fire,
brought to a comfortable temperuare
to apply directly on the skin.

The ingredients of natural vanilla beans
provide a gentle and warm sensation,
subtly enhancing the ‘natural scent’ of your skin.

―――Envelop yourself in pheromones.
A unique experience like never before.

37°C Beauty Serum Candle


<milky vanilla musk>

It contains VBE (vanillyl butyl ether) which has natural warmin g agents. It may cause strong warming sensation or/and the itching sensation due to sudden increased circulation. Please apply small amout of oid for the first time to see how your skin react.

VBE also reacts with water -based surface. 

Please avoid using the product after taking bath or use of water -based products.
It may cause intense warm sensation.

It may irritate other areas , such as face, when being touched after used of the serum. Please be careful especially near eyes!! Washing hand(s) is recommended after use.

This candle is for body use , but please do not use near delicate zone.

Please avoid using the serum where you have irritated or damaged skin.

Please stop using the serum immediately when you have allergic re action or discomfort.

We will not credit or exchage item(s) for your personal reasons .


A body beauty serum melted over a fire brings a "new sensation."
Made of 97% natural ingredients including rice bran and soy.

It provides a gentle feel yet
a moisturizing power similar to a balm.
The unisex scent of vanilla musk
adds a slight milky sweetness to
the natural fragrance of the skin.

Experience a completely different sensation
from both body cream and perfume.

The oil, with the additional effect of candle wax,
acts as a ‘lid’ to lock in the moisture and fragrance.
With the sweet fragrance/moisturized skin,
an aura reminiscent of alluring envelops you all day long.

How to use...

1 Light the three candles for three minutes.
2 After putting out the flame, pour the beauty serum melted at 37℃ into the palm of your hand.
3 Enjoy the body massage.

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