Precautions for the Use of Candles

Use in a location where flammable items are not nearby and in a safe, horizontal position. Avoid use in places affected by air conditioning or similar airflow. Avoid use on materials sensitive to heat or those prone to deformation by heat. Once the candle is lit, do not leave it unattended. Ventilation is recommended after use. Limit continuous candle usage for no more than 30 minutes. Be cautious when touching, as the container itself becomes hot during use. Do not use while still in the outer box. The candle container is made of glass. Be careful not to touch the candle when burning. Avoid using water to extinguish the candle flame. Additionally, be mindful that forcefully blowing it out may cause splattering of melted oil. After extinguishing the candle flame, please be cautious when taking the oil onto your palm to avoid burns. If the candle has been burning for more than 1 minute, there is a possibility that the oil may be above 37℃. If you burn the candle for more than 1minute, the container may be hot. Refrain from touching the container immediately. After approximately 30 seconds of extinguishing the flame, tilt the container and transfer the oil to your palm. After extinguishing the candle flame, the temperature of the oil may decrease over time. In such cases, it may become less fluid. While the oil taken ono your palm can be used for a full-body massage, pleace avoid applying it to sensitive areas such as muous mebranes or open wounds. This product contains warming ingredients. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend conducing a patch test in an inconspicuous area beforehand. If any abnormality appears on the skin after use, we recomment discoutinusing use immedaitely and consulting a doctor. The spread of fragrance and the time it taks for the oil to melt are based on the assumption of lighting three wicks. Appripriate times may vary if used in a different manner. Avoid wick trimmings, match debris, dust, etc., to enter the candle, as they may cause abnormal combustion. If a blank lump forms at the tip of the wick or if soot becomes noticeable, extinguish the flame, trim the wick, and then relight. Immediately wipe off any oil that gets on the glass when tilting the container. After use, leave the container as it is for a while, as the rapid cooling may cause the container to break. Be careful when moving the container, as spilled melted oil can stain furniture and other objects. Do not use the container if it is chipped or cracked.If there is abnormal combustion, such as an unsual smell or flame size, extinguish the flame immediatelt and discontinue use. Due to the nature of the product, there may be unused oil left in the container. However, you can re-solidify and use it again.